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Jasper Garvida (b.1977) studied Fashion Design Womenswear at Central St Martins College of Art & Design. Upon graduation in 2004 he worked as a fashion designer, running his own label until 2017 when he took the bold decision to study Fine Art at the Royal College of Art (RCA). He was awarded his Diploma in 2019 followed by a Masters in Sculpture in 2021.


Using the body, found objects and light and shadows as materials, Garvida translates his fashion design skills to his paintings and sculptures. Materiality is at the heart of Garvida’s work.


He finds meaning in the process of testing the qualities and the properties of materials. This shapes the form of his sculptural work. He applies various techniques including repetition as part of his process to discover meaning in the physicality of materials.


Drawn to the spaces in between the interior and exterior of objects, he often uses the interplay of light and shadow to reveal different forms, movement and patterns. In this way his works challenge perception and almost capture the intangible, those subtle and fleeting moments that might otherwise escape the eye.

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