Vessels And The Body


In this collection of figures the artist takes inspiration from his recollection of loneliness and isolation in early childhood. He also explores the human state of mind of those suffering with poor mental health and the emotional effects of trauma.



In this series the artist uses construction materials, such as cement and steel to produce raw architectural sculptures. The works are reminiscent of the Brutalist movement of the 1950’s which prioritised a minimalist aesthetic over decorative design. The sculptures challenge the way we present ourselves to those around us by exposing the inner-self and its hidden layers of vulnerability.


2018 - 2019

In this series the artist uses the repetitive application of circular stencils and coloured acrylic paint to create abstract works reminiscent of Rodney Graham’s ‘Rotary Opticon’.

Painted Wall

2017 - 2019

The works in the Painted Wall collection were created by layering multiple coats of coloured paint which is then sanded and scratched, exposing patches of colour from the layers beneath. The uncovering of what lies beneath the surface is suggestive of how each of us retain memories over time that on recall better equip us for later life.


2017 - 2018

The artist uses coloured wax in this collection to create abstract works. Each piece has been made by dripping molten wax, giving an unusual texture and the impression of movement.



In each of the paintings within this series the artist uses black paint with the addition of small amounts of colour. At a distance each appears black but on closer inspection the casting of shadows from the textured surfaces reveals the subtle colour differences of each.

Painted Wall 3 (2018).jpg

Painted Pallet


This collection is a study using found pallets to create a series of different works



This series reflects on education through learning, exploring the differences between us based on the information we receive through individual experience and how it is processed into acquired knowledge. The artist wrote the word information repeatedly on a 5 meter length of white cotton before cutting the entire length into 5cm strips. In total 250 strands were created taking the artist about 50 hours to complete.


2017 - 2019

These works were created using paint heavily dripped onto canvas which were then turned giving them their marbled effect. Recycled packaging material covered by the layers of paint makes comment on the way we sometimes conceal who we are in order to conform to the way society packages itself.


2017 - 2018

These works are created by vigorously scratching a painted surface with a pallet knife to reveal an underlying layer of plaster. They evoke feelings of violent passion, anger and frustration.


2017 - 2018

This collection explores the importance of human relationships. The twine that binds each piece speaks of the of ties of family, friendship and faith. That maintaining these collective bonds is vital for us all, reinforcing feelings of sanctuary, of belonging and of the closeness of love.