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Part of the Royal College of Arts 2021 Painting and Sculpture Degree Show, this free exhibition at Cromwell Place, South Kensington, showcases artwork from this year’s MA sculpture graduates and features Jasper Garvida’s work from his Isolation – Vessels and the Body collection.

Collapse (2021) – Featured artwork from the Isolation and the Body Collection

Isolation – Vessels and the Body


Garvida’s practice explores ideas on transformation, concealment, materiality, fragility, and the body. Deep in its core is the search for meaning to our existence as human beings, the lives that we live, and the space we inhabit. He believes that, “art can deepen our understanding of the relationship between ourselves and the world around us”.


Having grown up in the Philippines, as the seventh of seven siblings, with a seven-year gap between him and his brother, the artist recalls being scolded by his parents or siblings and would isolate himself effectively. He said “I felt alone with no one to confide in or to cry to. So, I would hide in small places which I could fit into such as a cupboard, in a corner inside of a wardrobe cabinet or underneath a parked car. My current practice grew directly from the recollection of these traumatic experiences from my childhood”.


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